Reproaction Act and Learn Webinar 12/8: Stop Anti-Abortion Terrorism and Harassment

Check out our Act and Learn webinar: Stop Anti-Abortion Terrorism and Harassment. We dive deep into the role incendiary anti-abortion rhetoric plays in fueling violence, and hear from folks on the front lines who encounter outrageous and indefensible harassment every day. Most importantly, we talk about what we can do right now to demand the pro-life movement stop the hate speech, stop lying about reproductive health care providers, and call upon the new special committee in Congress to investigate anti-abortion terrorism.

Guest panelists include:

  • Dr. Cheryl Chastine, Chicago-based family physician and abortion provider
  • duVergne Gaines, Director of National Clinic Access Project at Feminist Majority Foundation Board of Directors at Global Girl Media
  • Michelle Colon, Clinic Manager, Whole Woman’s Health in San Antonio