Stop Pro-Life Hate Speech

Reproaction’s new digital ad campaign calls out the so-called pro-life movement for inciting followers to violence and murder. The ads feature direct quotes of pro-life movement leaders whose use of hateful rhetoric appears to promote and condone anti-abortion violence. The campaign is in response not just to the November 27, 2015, shooting at a Planned Parenthood health center in Colorado Springs and recent inflammatory speech perpetuated by pro-life leaders and lawmakers after the release of deceptive and highly edited videos targeting Planned Parenthood, but also to the pro-life movement’s deep, decades-long history of using lies, toxic rhetoric, and tolerance of violence to further its aims of ending access to legal abortion. Check out all of Reproaction’s online ads below.

Join us and demand an end to abortion terrorism and harassment, and the hate speech and lies fueling them. Sign our petition here.


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