Reproaction Act and Learn Webinar 10/20: Why Are Stores Making Emergency Contraception Hard to Get?

Everyone is supposed to be able to pick up emergency contraception on the shelf, pay for it at the cash register, and take it home without any funny business. In fact, a common method of emergency contraception was approved for sale with no restrictions for age or gender more than four years ago. And while some stores are doing the right thing, too many others require customers to jump through unnecessary and insulting hoops.

During our Act and Learn webinar, Why Are Stores Making Emergency Contraception Hard to Get?, we discussed just what the rules are for purchasing emergency contraception, what barriers retailers are putting in place, and what action steps you can take to hold your local stores accountable for stocking emergency contraception on the shelf.

Thank you to our guest panelist Kelly Cleland, Executive Director of the American Society for Emergency Contraception, for providing so much useful information.

Check out the recording below!



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