Reproaction Act and Learn Webinar 11/29: What Just Happened? What Happens Next?

The 2016 election happened and it was brutal. Many people have been asking where the movement goes from here. This is an important discussion. Donald Trump said he wanted to punish women who have abortions, and Mike Pence has literally presided over the imprisonment of a woman of color who ended her pregnancy outside of a medical setting. The new political leadership in many states is just as regressive. Reproaction pledges active resistance to the vicious assaults we expect on access to abortion and reproductive health care, and as an intersectional, reproductive justice organization committed to grassroots direct action, we are ready to do what needs to be done to ensure the safety of communities in the face of racist, sexist fascism. We acknowledge a long history of survival under the brutal choke of white supremacy, and are calling ‘in’ for four years of resistance.

So, what does calling ‘in’ for resistance look like? What should people prepare for out of the new administration and in their local communities? Join us for a discussion of what just happened and what comes next.

Confirmed guest panelists include:

  • Cherisse Scott, Founder and CEO, SisterReach