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Reproaction Act and Learn Webinar 3/21: Self-Esteem, Self-Expression, and Self-Love for Activists

Loving yourself is a radical act. When we love ourselves, we are better able to live, avoid burnout, and imagine even greater possibilities for our activism and our world. Join us for our next Act and Learn Webinar, Self-Esteem, Self-Expression, and Self-Love for Activists. We’ll explore the concept of radical self-love and why it’s critical for activists, and also address concepts of play, the arts, and self-expression.

Our guest panelists for this special evening include:

  • Shannon Ivey, MFA, Theater Activist and South Carolina State Coordinator I at Provide
  • Oriaku Njoku, Co-Founder and Executive Director at Access Reproductive Care-Southeast

Reproaction Act and Learn Webinar 2/28: Access to Water Is a Reproductive Justice Issue

In communities across the country, people can’t take water safety for granted.

Lead seepage into the water supply of Flint, Mich., has led to a major public health crisis that remains unresolved. Residents are waiting for answers and accountability while paying some of the highest water rates in the country, and many of them still do not have access to safe drinking water.

In North Dakota, activists are gathered at the Camp of the Sacred Stone on the northeastern border of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation to resist construction of a controversial oil pipeline that threatens ancient burial grounds and access to clean water. The pipeline protests, also known by the #NoDAPL hashtag, have garnered international attention and raised serious questions about the environmental impact and specific threat to access to clean drinking water poised by oil pipelines.

Confirmed guest panelists include:

  • Coya White Hat-Artichoker, Community Specialist, Sistersong
  • Curt Guyette, Investigative Reporter, American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan

Trump’s Nomination of Neil Gorsuch as Supreme Court Justice Threatens Women’s Healthcare, Right to Choose

In response to Mr. Trump’s nomination of Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court Justice, Pamela Merritt and Erin Matson, co-founders and co-directors of Reproaction released the following statements:

Erin Matson on Gorsuch: “Trump’s appointment of Neil Gorsuch is further proof that Donald Trump is on a war path to criminalize all abortion in this country and destroy access to reproductive healthcare at home and around the world. The right to choose abortion is critical for dignity, equality, and justice.  By nominating a judge who has sided with employers arguing they should be exempt from covering birth control because of their religious beliefs, Trump is pandering to extremists who would limit women’s opportunities, damage their health and trample their rights. Neil Gorsuch may be well qualified to serve as a CEO of Hobby Lobby, but he is not a suitable Supreme Court nominee. He must be pressed on his views on Roe v. Wade, and it’s up to all of us to resist.”

Pamela Merritt on Gorsuch: “In nominating Neil Gorsuch to serve as a Supreme Court Justice, Donald Trump has revealed his desire to severely restrict the right to determine if and when to have a baby, have options for preventing or ending pregnancy, and to live in safe and healthy communities free of violence and oppression. Forty-four years after Roe V. Wade, Trump wants to turn back time, endanger the health and wellbeing of millions, and give predominately male lawmakers power over women’s bodies. It is now up to the Senate Judiciary Committee to ensure Gorsuch is not allowed to infringe on reproductive rights and restrict access to abortion. Millions of Americans concerned about dignity, justice, and liberation will be watching.”

Reproaction Act and Learn Webinar 1/18: All the President’s Men: Understanding Donald Trump’s Anti-Abortion Clique

Donald Trump has arranged an administration that is deeply anti-abortion.

Get to know who these people are on our next Act and Learn webinar, All the President’s Men: Understanding Donald Trump’s Anti-Abortion Clique, Wednesday, January 18 at 7 p.m. ET. We’ll explore who the key players are, their record on abortion and reproductive healthcare, and what we can expect as the new administration takes power.

Guest panelist: Ally Boguhn, Political and Campaigns Editor at Rewire

Reproaction Act and Learn Webinar 12/14: When Democrats Hold Power: Lessons for RJ Activists from the Obama Years

As the nation prepares to bid farewell to the Obama administration and braces for the chaos and uncertainty of the Trump era, it seems like a perfect time to look back at the past eight years and examine what went down when Democrats held power.

That’s exactly what we will tackle during our next Act and Learn webinar, When Democrats Hold Power: Lessons for RJ Activists from the Obama Years, this Wednesday, December 14 at 7 p.m. ET. We’ll explore how Democrats handled power during the Obama presidency, and dive deep into positions, missed opportunities, and outcomes. Most importantly, we will explore the lessons learned in the past eight years and how that knowledge will help us build a stronger more aggressive movement in the years ahead.

Confirmed guest panelists include:

  • Jodi Jacobson, President, Editor in Chief, Rewire