When people seek reproductive health care including abortion, they deserve convenient, compassionate access and accurate, non-judgmental information.

#BadFaithMedicine is biased, ideologically motivated “counseling” and “health care” by anti-abortion agents that frequently peddle in lies, misrepresentation, shame, and can even lead to people being denied the care they need.

#BadFaithMedicine: Anti-Abortion Fake Clinics

Anti-abortion fake clinics sometimes call themselves crisis pregnancy centers and other times advertise themselves as if they were abortion providers. They do this to lure in patients, only to deceive them with disproven myths about abortion, contraception, and other reproductive health care, which in reality is safe, effective, and normal. They do this while claiming to care about women, which is cynical at best when their work aims to undermine the ability of women and people who become pregnant to make informed decisions about their bodies and futures.

That’s why Reproaction has been in this fight since our start on the ground, organizing to expose fake clinics across the country through a variety of creative methods. We’ve led bold direct actions to expose fake clinics in communities, tracked down questionable finances and unethical practices, and equipped activists to take on the fake clinics in their communities with informational blogs and webinars, a database of every fake clinic in the country, a fact book on how fake clinics work, and a direct action toolkit.

Reproaction has also joined partners in taking on fake clinics in court, signing on to the brief amicus curiae by the Center for Reproductive Rights and National Women’s Law Center in the Supreme Court case NIFLA v. Becerra (2018). In a 5-4 ruling, the court sided with fake clinics over the state of California and its Reproductive FACT Act, which was meant to regulate fake clinics by requiring them to provide simple disclosure statements informing prospective clients that they did not provide abortion.

#BadFaithMedicine: “Abortion Pill Reversal”

“Abortion pill reversal” is an unethical, unproven, and dangerous experiment on pregnant people that supposedly reverses the effects after one abortion pill has been taken, though established science does not support this claim. This experiment was invented by ‘pro-life’ advocates who think abortion is so universally shameful, everyone will regret it — especially women, who are infantilized as too indecisive to make our own health care choices.

State legislators across the country are rapidly introducing and passing bills to require doctors and abortion providers to falsely counsel patients that abortion pill reversal is a safe, viable health option. And with or without these bad faith laws, the mega fake clinic group Heartbeat International operates a hotline to deceive and steer patients toward anti-abortion fake clinics that offer “abortion pill reversal” services in all 50 states.

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