They never planned to stop at gutting Roe v. Wade. And with Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett in Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat, they wouldn’t have to.

Barrett and the powerful anti-abortion interest groups who support her, want to not only throw doctors and people who have abortions in jail, but also criminalize those who use in vitro fertilization procedures to start or grow their families.

Someone with such extreme, dangerous, and offensive views couldn’t possibly uphold the rule of law without their personal convictions bleeding in. She is a danger to all our rights, and #WeDissent to her nomination. We must #BlockBarrett.

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| Reproaction

Amy Coney Barrett on LGBTQ Rights

We cannot afford to let Amy Coney Barrett’s antiquated ideology set LGBTQ rights back several decades. Supporting the LGBTQ community means opposing her nomination and denouncing this blatant power grab ahead of the 2020 election.

| Reproaction

Voting, Democracy, and Amy Coney Barrett

Even if the Senate rushes through this Supreme Court nominee process, we can hold them accountable. Our power to change things has been demonstrated time and time again through action.

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