Jenna Bush Hager, Say No to #HopeFakeClinic

We did it! The #HopeFakeClinic action was a success, and Jenna Bush Hager stepped down from The Hope Center CPC’s fundraiser, citing “unforeseen circumstances.” [1] Thank you for your support and for putting pressure on Jenna Bush Hager and The Today Show to stand up for women and young people in Tennessee and step away from anti-abortion deception and stigmatization.

Crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) are anti-abortion fake clinics that exist to talk women out of having abortions. In doing so, they often mislead and shame women who believe they are entering the doors of a full-service reproductive health care provider.

On September 19, Jenna Bush Hager, Today Show correspondent and daughter of President George W. Bush, will be speaking at the fifteenth annual fundraiser for the Hope Center in a crisis pregnancy center in Greeneville, Tennessee. As a crisis pregnancy center, the Hope Center is one of more than 2,500 anti-abortion fake clinics across the country that exist to mislead and shame women seeking abortion care.

The Hope Center describes itself as engaged in the “battle for the sanctity of all human life” but instead exists primarily to mislead and shame women seeking abortion care while failing to take steps to increase access to health care for the women and babies they claim to care so much about – especially poignant in a state that has failed to expand Medicaid.

We want to know why Jenna Bush Hager — a self-proclaimed feminist — has decided to speak at a crisis pregnancy center’s annual fundraiser. These fake clinics are anything but feminist because they don’t trust women to make their own decisions about their health and lives, and often throw inaccurate information at women to boot. Why is Jenna Bush Hager supporting this?

Keep up the pressure on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #HopeFakeClinic to @JennaBushHager and @TheTodayShow, and share our open letter, and check out our press release.

Please check this page for updates and other resources to help keep Jenna Bush Hager accountable to her commitments to public health and education and learn more about our other accountability campaigns for fake clinics, including our work on another anti-abortion fake clinic group, Human Coalition.


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