We Must #ProtectRoe

We will not settle for anything less than full accountability for any representative who lets Trump get away with stripping our rights.


When Donald Trump ran for president, he said he would elect ‘pro-life’ Supreme Court justices – that means justices who would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade and decimate the right to legal abortion. We took him at his word then, and now that time is upon us. With the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, Trump made true on his promise to nominate someone against abortion rights and many other progressive causes we hold dear. We will not let this stand. As an organization committed to direct action, this is exactly what we were built for, though we never would have asked for a struggle this dire. Join us now to #ProtectRoe and hold accountable those poised to take our rights. We absolutely cannot go back.



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Jan. 21

Some abortion opponents really would like to see women go to jail. Some even want to put them to death. They told us so, here. #StopProsecutingAbortion reproaction.org/stop

Jan. 20

Reproaction hosted a press conference at the National Press Club to announce the launch of Stop Prosecuting Abortion, a campaign dedicated to decriminalizing abortion. Across many states, women are being sent to jail for self-managing their own abortions. If this is what happens when abortion is technically legal, what would it look like if ‘pro-life’ leaders got their way and outlawed all abortion? #StopProsecutingAbortion Watch a recording of the press conference here:

Jan. 20

VIDEO: Violence against abortion providers. And now, supporting jail (or worse) for people who choose #SelfManagedAbortion. We must #StopProsecutingAbortion. reproaction.org/stop



| Reproaction

Mid-Missourians Demand Senator McCaskill Vote NO on Kavanaugh

Fifteen of Senator McCaskill’s constituents showed up and highlighted the importance of protecting the landmark Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling, the Affordable Care Act, and also highlighted the accompanying danger that lies in confirming a supporter of presidential self-pardons in the midst of a very public federal investigation of the White House.


| Reproaction

Virginians Speak Out Against Kavanaugh Nomination

On August 26, activists organized Unite for Justice rallies across the nation to highlight what’s at stake with the Supreme Court vacancy and why senators must vote no on the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh.

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