How to Make Movements Intersectional

| Evonnia Woods | Reproaction

Movement leaders of all ages must consider how to make this work sustainable.

All Maternal and Infant Mortality Campaign Articles

| Evonnia Woods | Reproaction

Activist Interview: Brittany “Tru” Kellman

Most of us choose our paths of activism based on the impact we want to have or life sort of decides for us by placing us in social locations where the only path that makes sense is one of resistance. High levels of recognition are typically reserved for men, the wealthy, or those who have been doing this for so long that their fame is an accumulated fame. This blog series is not a remedy to this situation, but rather designed as a way to highlight activists and their justice work through brief interviews.

| Evonnia Woods | Reproaction

Activist Interview: Hakima Tafunzi Payne

Hakima Tafunzi Payne has a Bachelor’s of Nursing and a Master’s in Nursing Education. She is currently a student of Midwifery working toward the Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) credential.

| Evonnia Woods | Reproaction

Reproaction Works to #ExposeFakeClinics in Columbia, MO

If the mission of these crisis pregnancy centers is to provide healthcare for pregnant women then why didn’t their signs try to defend the healthcare services they allegedly provide?

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