How to Make Movements Intersectional

| Evonnia Woods | Reproaction

Movement leaders of all ages must consider how to make this work sustainable.

All Hold Fake Clinics Accountable Articles

| Shireen Shakouri | Reproaction

Trump’s Pro-Life Sleeper Cell at HHS

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has fallen especially victim to this, as conservatives view a person's right to health and personal autonomy for themselves and their families as an increasingly political act.

| Caitlin Blunnie | Reproaction

Reproaction Shows Up to #ExposeFakeClinics in Washington, D.C!

Reproaction is proud to educate the community about anti-abortion fake clinics, and we are excited to continue to take bold action to call them out for their deceptive tactics in D.C. and across the country.

| Shireen Shakouri | Reproaction

Fake Clinics Play the Long Game by Targeting Schoolchildren

It is hard to believe that Pennsylvania public schools not only allow but are paying groups like Human Coalition to come in and push their skewed views of sexuality. But what does this “education” actually entail?

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