Help Fight for Reproductive Justice — for Everyone, Forever.

Reproductive justice is in crisis. Our rights to abortion access are being stripped away, and our healthcare is being legislated to benefit everyone but us. This moment doesn’t need compromise, it needs action. That’s where Reproaction comes in.

Together with supporters like you, we are going toe-to-toe with lawmakers and abortion opponents hell-bent on stripping us of our reproductive freedom. You’ll find us marching on the streets, speaking truth to power in the halls of Congress, and standing up for those in need of care wherever their rights are at risk. And we need YOUR help to grow this movement.


Making an impact


Direct actions in 2020


Community events to raise awareness on the safety and effectiveness of self-managed abortion


Signatures on petitions



Every “win” is big in the fight for reproductive justice

1 Calling Out Big ‘Pro-Life’

In April 2020, as the pandemic raged, we launched aggressive online activism that got ‘40 Days for Life’ to drop its call to mass gatherings to harass people outside reproductive health care centers in 500+ cities, helping to keep providers and patients safe during the early months of coronavirus.

2 Abortion Pills Are Magic

Don’t want to be pregnant? No problem. Abortion pills are safe, effective, and we think, pretty darn magical. We decided to tell the world with our latest campaign to raise awareness and normalize abortion with pills.

3 The Link Between Racism and Sexism

Remember when Ron Wright (R-TX) told Reproaction he “absolutely” believed women should be punished for having abortions? Turns out that’s not the end of his terrifying beliefs. Our latest video showcases how his racism and sexism go hand in hand.

We Are in This Fight for Justice, and We Are in This Fight to Win. Join Us.