Help Fight for Reproductive Justice — for Everyone, Forever.

Reproductive justice is in crisis. Our rights to abortion access are being stripped away, and our healthcare is being legislated to benefit everyone but us. This moment doesn’t need compromise, it needs action. That’s where Reproaction comes in.

Together with supporters like you, we are going toe-to-toe with lawmakers and abortion opponents hell-bent on stripping us of our reproductive freedom. You’ll find us marching on the streets, speaking truth to power in the halls of Congress, and standing up for those in need of care wherever their rights are at risk. And we need YOUR help to grow this movement.


Making an impact


Direct actions in 2019


Community events to raise awareness on the safety and effectiveness of self-managed abortion


Signatures on petitions



Every “win” is big in the fight for reproductive justice

1 Face-to-Face with the Anti-Choice Movement

In January 2019, we launched our Stop Prosecuting Abortion campaign with a live press conference on C-SPAN. That weekend, we led a counter-protest at the March for Life that received national press coverage in the New York Times and beyond.

2 On the Front Lines of Abortion Access

Reproaction was on the front lines in Missouri to determine if the state’s last remaining abortion provider would stay open. Our brazen actions with local partners changed the conversation amongst lawmakers and kept the clinic open.

3 Lawmakers Admit They Want Women In Prison

We got anti-abortion leaders to admit to us, in their own words, that sending women to jail is "absolutely" their agenda.

We Are in This Fight for Justice, and We Are in This Fight to Win. Join Us.