Taking Action 1 Year After Dobbs

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By: Laila Salaam

As we reflect on the one-year anniversary of the Dobbs decision, which brought about significant changes in the abortion access landscape of our nation, our movement and the work we do, the last thing we can think of doing is celebrating. ‘Pro-Life’ organizations like Student’s for Life however, have no qualms about rejoicing over this anniversary.

In response to the celebratory events organized by Student’s for Life, the Reproaction team and our dedicated partners took a stand and refused to let these festivities pass unchallenged. On June 24th, we conducted demonstrations outside two separate events hosted by Student’s for Life. The first event, called the “National Rally for Life,” took place near the Lincoln Memorial and featured Mike Pence as the keynote speaker. Reproaction volunteers boldly expressed their dissent, making it evident that they, along with the majority of individuals, vehemently oppose the notion of a nationwide abortion ban and refuse to allow a celebration of the erosion of Roe v. Wade.

Undeterred by the questioning and heckling from numerous anti-abortion activists, the dedicated volunteers of Reproaction remained resolute in their defense of reproductive rights and challenged organizations that openly endorse nationwide abortion bans and the elimination of abortion altogether. Encouragingly, many passersby showed their solidarity with our counter protest, expressing support, taking photographs with our signs, and voicing their endorsement of our cause.

Faced with relentless questioning from Students for Life members regarding our beliefs, our dedicated volunteers responded by joining together in song until the opposition was compelled to retreat. Later in the day, Student’s for Life organized a Gala at the Renaissance Hotel in Downtown Washington, DC. Members of the Reproaction team positioned themselves outside the event, ensuring our presence was felt. We strategically displayed informative graphics about self-managed abortion in the surrounding area, actively educating passersby about the protocol for self-administered abortion with pills. While Student’s for Life celebrated the erosion of abortion access on a national scale, we persevered in empowering individuals with the knowledge that they can be their own abortion providers!

At Reproaction, we believe in a future where comprehensive and accessible abortion access is not only protected but guaranteed at a federal level. As we pursue that goal, we are acutely aware that Roe v. Wade served as a foundational starting point. However, our aspirations for the future of abortion care extend far beyond the limits set by Roe. With this understanding, we remain dedicated to pushing boundaries and advocating for a more expansive and equitable vision for the future of reproductive rights.

You can help us continue to fight for this expansive vision of abortion access by participating in upcoming events, joining our email list, and following us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. As always, your donations help in the fight for the future of abortion, so give what you can if you can!

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