Double the Accountability: Reproaction Leads Simultaneous Actions to Expose Anti-Abortion Fake Clinics in St. Louis

| Brittany Jones | Reproaction

Reproaction continues to lead the fight to hold deceptive, anti-abortion fake clinics accountable for the harm they are causing to our communities and their misuse of public funds.

| Nataley Neuman | Reproaction

Wisconsin Act 292’s Dark History

Although the state’s public health and children and family services agencies did not support the law when it passed in1997 [9], Act 292 had the support of anti-abortion activists and organizations. The law continues to have the support of anti-abortion activists, politicians, and organizations to this day.

| Kylie Cheung | Reproaction

The Scripted Deception Surrounding the 'Unplanned' Film

In today’s polarized landscape surrounding reproductive rights issues, the stigma, lies, and calls to anti-abortion action surrounding Unplanned is a safety hazard to communities, including abortion providers and their staff.

| Kylie Cheung | Reproaction

States Are Forcing Doctors to Promote Unproven and Unethical “Abortion Pill Reversal”

The unethical experiment of abortion pill reversal started with one anti-abortion doctor’s decision to experiment on a woman with the progesterone treatment back in 2012, and the subsequent publication of his very-limited data gathered from a handful of women. This led to an unethical, inconclusive study of abortion pill reversal, upon which all of the talking points and dangerous legislative proposals of abortion reversal proponents are based.

| Jessica Ensley | Reproaction

Reproaction Protests the 2019 Susan B. Anthony List Gala

Over 20 activists attended our action, and several people walking by also joined in and stopped to take photos with our Stop Prosecuting Abortion signs to show their support. We even had volunteers who brought a maraca and a drum to help drown out the ‘pro-life’ hypocrisy.

| Shireen Shakouri | Reproaction

Meghan McCain and How The Anti-Abortion Far Right Cloaks Patriarchy with White Women’s Voices

But make no mistake: the scourge of dangerous anti-abortion rhetoric has real victims, and they’re trapped behind the gleaming, seemingly benevolent smiles and sympathy-invoking tears of white women willing to sell out each other and women of color in an attempt to be more powerful in a system that will never give them the power of white men.

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