How to Make Movements Intersectional

| Evonnia Woods | Reproaction

Movement leaders of all ages must consider how to make this work sustainable.

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| Laila Salaam | Reproaction

Taking On Abortion Stigma

Abortion stigma alone is one of the biggest barriers to high quality, safe abortion care.

| Laila Salaam | Reproaction

FAQs About Self-Managed Abortion

The World Health Organization (WHO) protocol for self-managed abortion with pills includes instructions for vaginal as well as oral administration of the medications.

| Laila Salaam | Reproaction

Taking Action 1 Year After Dobbs

We believe in a future where comprehensive and accessible abortion access is not only protected but guaranteed at a federal level.

| Annie Romano | Reproaction

Abortion is Mental Health Care

A major longitudinal study called the Turnaway Study found that being denied an abortion more likely results in greater psychological risk short-term.

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