‘Pro-Life’ Reaction to Alabama Law: Women Who Have ‘Natural Miscarriages’ Won’t Be At Risk for Legal Troubles

| Erin Matson | Reproaction

What you should know now about Kristan Hawkins’ false and shaming claim is that there is in fact no medical distinction between self-managed abortion with pills and what she dubs ‘natural miscarriage.'

| Camille Richoux | Reproaction

Reproaction’s Storytelling for Justice Project in Arkansas

Improvements in pregnancy-related health must include those not being cared for adequately by our medical system. Essentially: if you want to understand what’s going wrong with pregnancy in Arkansas, listen to Black women.

| Caitlin Blunnie | Reproaction

Reproaction Celebrates National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers!

March 10, 2019, marked the twenty-sixth National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers. The date was chosen to honor the memory of Dr. David Gunn, an abortion provider who was murdered by a ‘pro-life’ extremist outside his Florida clinic in 1993

| Nataley Neuman | Reproaction

A Lot Has Changed in Wisconsin – For The Better

Governor Evers administration has the power and responsibility to act to restore rights and liberty to pregnant people across the state. Change can happen, and when it does, we will be prepared.

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