Activist Interview: Ashli Bolden

| Evonnia Woods | Reproaction

This installment is an interview with Ashli Bolden, the Civic Engagement Director at Missouri Jobs with Justice

| Evonnia Woods | Reproaction

Jefferson City Residents Participate in #DeathByDeliveryMO Screening Event

About 20 people - including college students, health professionals, and community members - showed up to Capitol City Cinema to watch Fusion TV Network’s documentary, The Naked Truth: Death By Delivery, and participate in a question and answer panel.

| Evonnia Woods | Reproaction

Activist Interview: Brittany “Tru” Kellman

Most of us choose our paths of activism based on the impact we want to have or life sort of decides for us by placing us in social locations where the only path that makes sense is one of resistance. High levels of recognition are typically reserved for men, the wealthy, or those who have been doing this for so long that their fame is an accumulated fame. This blog series is not a remedy to this situation, but rather designed as a way to highlight activists and their justice work through brief interviews.

| Jessica Ensley | Reproaction

When 'Pro-Life' Means Stigmatizing Abortion and Immigration at the Same Time

This is a representative who is against both undocumented and documented immigrants in the United States. He would rather Jane Doe be forced to continue a pregnancy to term and shove motherhood upon her, while also desiring that she be thrown out of the U.S.

| Elizabeth Skoski | Reproaction

TV’s Dangerous Plan B Confusion

But during “Arkangel,” the second episode of season four, the fear I felt was not caused by futuristic technologies, but instead by the perpetuation of a dangerous present-day misconception about a crucial women’s health service. 

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