How to Make Movements Intersectional

| Evonnia Woods | Reproaction

Movement leaders of all ages must consider how to make this work sustainable.

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| Laila Salaam | Reproaction

Taking On Abortion Stigma

Abortion stigma alone is one of the biggest barriers to high quality, safe abortion care.

| Laila Salaam | Reproaction

FAQs About Self-Managed Abortion

The World Health Organization (WHO) protocol for self-managed abortion with pills includes instructions for vaginal as well as oral administration of the medications.

| Annie Romano | Reproaction

Abortion is Mental Health Care

A major longitudinal study called the Turnaway Study found that being denied an abortion more likely results in greater psychological risk short-term.

| Jessica Ensley | Reproaction

Protecting Your Data Online

Reproaction has insured that your data will not be shared with Big Tech companies such as Meta or Google when you use our website.

| Kieran Mailman |

No, Students for Life. Abortion Does Not Cause Pollution. Please Stop Lying.

Decades of corporate greed have caused real, verifiable harm to the environment; attempting to shift the blame from the negligent corporations responsible for this damage to individuals and prescribers makes it clear that Students for Life’s concern isn’t the environment, but their own violent agenda.

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