A Summer of Direct Action in Missouri

| Reproaction

By: Evonnia Woods

This summer, Reproaction activists in Missouri were busy taking direct action to advance reproductive justice and increase access to abortion.

Twenty-eight activists joined us on May 29 to promote Reproaction’s “Pro-Abortion, Pro-Family, Pro-Justice” stance. It was great! We chanted and sang along to a small band’s rhythm. You can read more about that here.

In July, we organized two direct-action protests. On July 17, a small but mighty crew of two joined me on the sidewalk in front of the anti-abortion fake clinic in Columbia for Reproaction’s first #StopProsecutingAbortion action in Missouri. We proudly wore our Stop Prosecuting Abortion tee shirts and waved our signs to the traffic passing by. Photos and commentary from this action and other ‘Repro-actions’ (I had to!) associated with this campaign can be found by searching #StopProsecutingAbortion on Twitter.

On July 25, four Reproaction activists joined me to help expose Columbia’s so-called crisis pregnancy center for the anti-abortion fake clinic that it is. You can find photos and commentary on this action by checking out #ExposeFakeClinics on social media. Feel free to share and like our posts. We love interacting with our supporters!

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