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“Abortion Is Unstoppable and They Can Never Break Us,” Vows Reproaction Executive Director Erin Matson

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By: Erin Matson


“Abortion Is Unstoppable and They Can Never Break Us,”

Vows Reproaction Executive Director Erin Matson

Washington, D.C. – Today, in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, which had affirmed the federal constitutional right to abortion for half a century. According to our colleagues at the Guttmacher Institute, this hateful decision means legal abortion will quickly come to an end in more than half the states.

Erin Matson, co-founder and executive director of Reproaction, said:

“The Dobbs decision is hateful and wrong-headed, and it will go down as one of the worst moments for the Supreme Court in the history of our nation. Today’s attack on abortion rights is the result of a calculated, decades-long assault on human rights and democracy itself. We are devastated, but undeterred. Abortion is unstoppable, and they can never break us.”

Reproaction uplifts the necessity of preserving and expanding in-clinic abortion care while sharing educational materials and other resources about the World Health Organization protocols for self-managed abortion with pills. Medication abortion is categorized by the World Health Organization as an “essential medicine,” and its use will be increasingly important in a post-Roe world.

Matson continued:

“Self-managed abortion with pills is safe, effective, and unstoppable. They can’t put these pills back in the bottle. We will have abortions on our own terms, dammit. Period. End of story.”

Historical references to dangerous pre-Roe abortions must be placed in a present context – abortion pills are remarkably safe, safer than Tylenol. The primary risk for people seeking to manage their abortions at home is legal, not medical.

Matson concludes:

“The logical consequence of abortion bans is criminalizing people with capacity for pregnancy. In particular, people of color and low-income people are most targeted with hateful prosecutions for abortion, miscarriage, and pregnancy. We watch soberly as the anti-abortion movement gains ground in their ultimate goal of violently enforcing harmful and unpopular sex and gender roles. Here’s the thing, though. This will not stand. Every option is on the table to support people who need abortion care. Today we salute front-line abortion workers including doctors, staff, and abortion fund volunteers. We stand with patients who need abortions, now. We will turn this around, because there is no other choice.”


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