We Told the National Pro-Life Summit that Abortion is Unstoppable

| Reproaction

By: Shireen Shakouri

The theme of this year’s anti-abortion March for Life was, “Pro-Life Is Pro-Woman.” Never mind that their movement hosted an admitted sexual abuser – the president – as their speaker, backs his administration’s numerous policies that hurt women and girls, and hasn’t uttered a peep about his plans to block pregnant women from entering the country as refugees or asylees. [1] Not to mention that the logical consequence of banning abortion is sending women to jail, which has already started happening in the United States.

Many in the ‘pro-life’ movement viewed this year’s march as a victory lap, because backing this unfathomably cruel administration has produced a record year for anti-abortion laws [2] and ultra-conservative appointments to the courts that will change the judicial landscape for decades to come. [3]

This can feel bleak, but Reproaction is organizing to shine a light on some hope in this darkness: While abortion has been pushed out of reach for many – and make no mistake, people will be measurably harmed by losing access [4] – abortion is unstoppable. People who experience pregnancy have always and will always find ways to exercise control over their reproductive lives. [5]

We took that message straight to the National Pro-Life Summit on January 25, the day after the March for Life. As abortion opponents and other passers-by scurried around the busy sidewalks outside the Marriot Marquis in downtown Washington, D.C., we passed out this flyer:

flyer reading, “Abortion is unstoppable. Self-managed abortion with pills is a safe and effective way to end a pregnancy. The World Health Organization protocols for abortion with pills is already practiced around the globe. No matter what abortion opponents tell you: abortion is unstoppable, and medication abortion is the future. Learn more at www.reproaction.org

Attendees of the conference weren’t too pleased by our light trolling, but we got some thanks from locals who had grown tired of the anti-abortion horde that invaded their city that weekend. We also got thanks and praise from other out-of-town visitors in for the Auto Show and other D.C. attractions. This action was more affirmation of what I already knew, and what abortion opponents need to grapple with: abortion rights are highly popular in this country, [6] and abortion is unstoppable. Particularly with the safe and effective protocols for self-managed abortion with pills, we already have many of the tools we need to build a future where all people can access the care they need.


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