Congressman’s Racism and Anti-Abortion Views Go Hand In Hand

Congressman Ron Wright (R-TX) previously stated he “absolutely” believed women should be punished for having abortions.

He tried to walk back his comment, but what he told us on video is loud and clear. But that isn’t where his alarming beliefs begin or end.

In the late 90s, Wright wrote that “white males are the only species without some form of federal protection.” [1] He made the racist statement, “Black English is troubling as a national phenomenon, but it is particularly dangerous in Texas.” He advocated for public executions, with bodies “hung on a post in a public place for all to see.” This terrifyingly brutal stance is racist, since Black people are disproportionately represented on death row. [2] His dangerous, racist, and anti-choice stances continue into his time in Congress.

Let’s continue to shine a light on his horrific statements. Watch our video and sign the petition to help hold Rep. Ron Wright accountable.


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