Sign the petition to tell Harris Teeter to make Plan B One Step readily available on the shelf. Help us put pressure on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #DontHidePlanB, and be sure to tag @HarrisTeeter.

Plan B One Step is a safe and effective way to prevent pregnancy and the FDA allows retailers to sell emergency contraceptives on the shelf. Yet at Harris Teeter stores, customers are required to pick up a card on the shelf and bring it to a pharmacist or a store manager. Plan B One Step is a time-sensitive medication to prevent unintended pregnancy when taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex, but the sooner it can be taken, the more effective it will be. Waiting for the pharmacy to open, or asking a store employee are unnecessary obstacles for someone just trying to access emergency contraception. Harris Teeter’s store policy is ridiculous and is hurting our communities.

Reproaction is taking bold action against Harris Teeter to demand the retailer put Plan B One Step where it belongs: on the shelf. We are taking bold action at Harris Teeter stores across the Mid-Atlantic and South with allies to let Harris Teeter know that we will no longer stand for this outrageous policy.

If Harris Teeter wants to continue to call itself the neighborhood pharmacy and grocery, they must do better for the women they serve.


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