New Reproaction Video Shows Congressman Ron Wright (R-TX) 
Doubling Down on His Controversial Abortion Comments, Calling Woman “Idiot”

| Reproaction

Washington, D.C. – Today, Reproaction released a second video of Congressman Ron Wright (R-TX) stating that people should be punished for self-managed abortions. In a previous video released by Reproaction on May 30 and widely reported in local, national, and international press, Rep. Wright told Reproaction that women should “absolutely” face punishment for abortion.

“Congressman Ron Wright tried to walk back his clear statement that women who have abortions should ‘absolutely’ face jail time, and his callousness toward women remains clear,” said Erin Matson, Reproaction co-founder and co-director. “This is a debate about power and control over women.”

In an effort to hold him accountable after the first video release, Reproaction went to Capitol Hill in D.C. to pass out flyers informing the public of his horrific comments when Rep. Wright happened to walk by. Our group of women and non-binary staff began recording and asking him follow-up questions to his previous statements that women who self-manage their own abortions should “of course” be in prison.

During that interview, he doubled down on his desire to punish abortion providers including those women who self-manage their own abortions and in effect serve as their own abortion providers, stating, “self-manage, abortion is an abortion is an abortion.” When Reproaction quoted back to him what he has said in our previous interview he stated, “don’t be putting words into my mouth, woman,” and proceeded to call our woman staff member “dense” and an “idiot.”

“Days before Congressman Ron Wright doubled down on punishing women for self-managed abortions and rudely attacked our team, he introduced legislation that would imprison those who help minors cross state lines to access abortion,” continued Matson. “It’s clear the ultimate aim of the pro-life agenda is sexism, and they’re eager to put people behind bars to enforce it.”

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