Reproaction Calls for Self-Described Feminist Jenna Bush Hager to Cancel Her Keynote for Anti-Abortion Fake Clinic

| Reproaction

Arlington, VA – Reproaction is calling for Jenna Bush Hager to withdraw from providing a keynote speech at the fifteenth annual fundraiser for the Hope Center, an anti-abortion fake clinic in Greeneville, Tennessee. The Hope Center describes itself as engaged in the “battle for the sanctity of all human life” but instead exists primarily to mislead and shame women seeking abortion care while failing to take steps to increase access to health care for the women and babies they claim to care so much about – especially poignant in a state that has failed to expand Medicaid.

“Jenna Bush Hager says she’s a feminist, and she’s done some admirable work to support young mothers facing hardships,” said Reproaction co-director Erin Matson. “But you can’t be a feminist and front for the anti-abortion movement. Respect for all parenting decisions, including the accurate information and access to resources people need to make them, is central to feminism. Reproaction is holding out hope that Jenna Bush Hager will correct her error and withdraw from her keynote at a fundraiser for the Hope Center fake clinic in Greeneville, Tennessee.”

Often setting up shop right next to abortion clinics, crisis pregnancy centers like the Hope Center present themselves as comprehensive reproductive health care providers in order to trick people in the door. Once lured in, anti-abortion fake clinics work to dissuade people from receiving abortions by giving them misleading and even blatantly false information, such as suggesting links between abortion and cancer or suicide, when neither has been proven true.

Jenna Bush Hager has previously worked to increase education and public health standards — especially relating to accessibility of HIV/AIDS treatment and education in Central and South America. Hager has also stated she’s a proud feminist. “Hager can’t be a feminist in any meaningful sense of the term if she’s raising money for a group that does not respect a woman’s dignity and right to choose abortion,” said Matson.

“We’re asking Jenna Bush Hager to step up for women and step back from the anti-abortion movement,” she continued. “There are more than 2,500 anti-abortion fake clinics in the United States and it’s a shame to see Jenna Bush Hager repping even one of them.”


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