Reproaction Counter-Protests the March for Life with Stop Prosecuting Abortion Campaign

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By: Caitlin Blunnie

On Friday, January 18, Reproaction organized a counter-protest against the annual March for Life, an anti-abortion protest that coincides with the Roe v. Wade anniversary in Washington, D.C. At noon, we joined a large group of activists gathered outside of the Supreme Court, where March for Life attendees were located for a pre-march rally. With our “Stop Prosecuting Abortion” signs, activists showed up to demand accountability.

This was the first March for Life since the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh tilted to composition of the Supreme Court to a 5-4 majority in opposition to abortion rights. While it is no secret that Roe is under the greatest threat since the decision came down 46 years ago, the reality of women and people facing punishment for their abortion care is already here.

As we counter-protested outside the Supreme Court, advertisements featuring the Stop Prosecuting Abortion campaign were present throughout the city. Advertisements were shown in local taxis, and on the streets a giant billboard truck drove around the march perimeter with ‘Stop Prosecuting Abortion’ sprawled across its electric screen. March for Life goers were also presented with a ‘Stop Prosecuting Abortion’ geo-filter to add to their Snapchat photos.

Throughout the counter-protest, activists stood their ground and ignored the march attendees. Despite being surrounded, we chanted and drowned them out with, “Ho ho, hey hey, Roe v. Wade is here to stay” and “This is what democracy looks like, that is what hypocrisy looks like.” Some activists customized their signs to call out ‘pro-life’ hypocrisy, and someone even walked around offering condoms to the opposition. Even through tense moments, reproductive health, rights, and justice activists stood strong to fight reproductive oppression.

Reproaction was proud to stand with the Feminist Majority Foundation, the Women’s Information Network, National Advocates for Pregnant Women, National Network of Abortion Funds, Population Connection Action Fund, UltraViolet, and Lady Parts Justice League for this direct action.

It’s time for the pro-life movement to put down the handcuffs. Despite their claims that they only want to punish doctors who perform abortions, we know that is simply not true. Nobody should face prosecution for having or supporting those who have abortions.

Reproaction is proud to be leading this work through our new national Stop Prosecuting Abortion campaign. Learn more about the campaign and how you can take action here.

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