Reproaction Distributes #WIFights292 Information About Danger of Act 292 Outside Milwaukee Fake Clinic

| Reproaction

By: Nataley Neuman

On Tuesday, July 24, Reproaction led an informational picket to raise awareness of the risks associated with Wisconsin’s continued enforcement of the Unborn Child Protection Act (Act 292). Under this law, the state can take certain pregnant women into custody, appoint a lawyer for her embryo or fetus, and lock the woman up in a drug treatment program, mental hospital, or jail – regardless of whether drug treatment is really needed. Wisconsin has accused hundreds of pregnant women of “unborn child abuse” under this law.

Women deserve access to appropriate, confidential health care without fear of losing their rights to medical decision-making and liberty. That’s why we took action outside of the so-called Women’s Care Clinic in Milwaukee; anti-abortion fake clinics often prey on women seeking information and access to abortion care. Fake clinic staff often use deceptive and aggressive tactics to prevent people from receiving accurate information regarding their full range of reproductive health care options, including abortion.

In contrast, Reproaction activists organized to distribute leaflets with important information about the threat posed by Act 292, and resources for women who may be vulnerable to enforcement of the law.

Two committed activists join me at the direct action. We handed out fliers to people passing by, leaving, or entering the clinic. Many people paused to read the flier, and two people even came back to grab more. Overall, the reaction to the flier was confusion, followed by disbelief upon reading further. We know that knowledge is power, and we’ll be organizing more pickets in the future.

All people, regardless of their medical history, deserve access to comprehensive, judgement-free healthcare. Act 292 is dangerous for pregnant people, and Reproaction will continue to educate the public and those vulnerable to enforcement of Act 292 until Wisconsin stops enforcing this regressive law.

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