Reproaction Organizes Action to Expose Fake Clinics in Little Rock, Arkansas

| Reproaction

By: Camille Richoux

On April 21, Reproaction partnered with the Arkansas Clinic Escorts program for a protest at Arkansas Pregnancy Resource Center, an anti-abortion fake clinic in Little Rock. Arkansas Pregnancy Resource Center allows supporters and staff to harass patients going into Little Rock Family Planning, the legitimate reproductive healthcare clinic located across the street. These fake clinics–sometimes called crisis pregnancy centers— are shady, anti-abortion fake clinics that exist to talk women out of having abortions in any way possible. They often set up shop near abortion clinics to further confuse people seeking care, and their ability to push their deception on Arkansas women goes virtually unchecked.

We believe that patients deserve to access medical care without intimidation or conflict. Taking these values seriously, we chose the morning of April 21 when the real medical clinic was closed for the day. At least a dozen people came to support the cause and hold the fake clinic accountable, and some dressed up in scrubs to show that fake clinics are like actors dressed up as medical professionals. Many clinic escorts spoke to the news organization that came to cover the action about their experiences with harassment, and recounted helping patients who initially went into the fake clinic only to discover the staff was actually there to push their anti-abortion agenda.

Reproaction is increasing awareness of anti-abortion fake clinics in Arkansas because until now, the more than 40 fake clinics in the state have worked mostly under the radar. They provide biased “sex education” in our schools and park their mobile units at homeless shelters and college campuses targeting vulnerable individuals who deserve unbiased, factual care.

As one attending activist’s sign said: real clinics for real patients!

Sign up now and join our efforts to pursue reproductive justice and expose fake clinics in Arkansas!

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Note: On Sunday, May 20 a fire broke out at the Arkansas Pregnancy Resource Center. The fire occurred due to maintenance being performed on the roof, authorities said, and has been ruled accidental.

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