Yikes! Abortion Restrictions and Access to Fertility Treatment

Everyone deserves the support they need to form families on their own terms, and that includes access to assisted reproductive technology. But wait – did you know that the anti-abortion movement is against access to fertility treatment?

We’ll talk about how common fertility treatments work and debunk Big ‘Pro-Life’ lies about them, consider how so-called ‘personhood’ efforts are disastrous for people seeking to build their families, and much more. And because access to fertility treatment is so dismal and inequitable today, we’ll paint a picture of what supports all people should have access to now.

Our panel includes:

  • Amy Addante, OB/GYN, and Fellow, Physicians for Reproductive Health
  • Megan Jeyifo, We Testify Storyteller, and Executive Director, Chicago Abortion Fund
  • Cathy Sakimura, Deputy Director and Family Law Director, National Center for Lesbian Rights
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