Beyond Roe

The ability to control our own bodies and futures is a vital part of reproductive justice. Unfortunately, we have seen time and again how despite the important fact that abortion remains legal in all 50 states, people continue to have their autonomy called into question and taken from them by family members, medical professionals, and the courts.

We must expand our advocacy for abortion access beyond its legality.

This webinar will address why advocacy for abortion access must extend beyond the baseline of legality or a single Supreme Court decision. Abortion access has already been lost for many people, without Roe v. Wade ever being overturned.

Panelists include:

  • Devin Gosberry, Director of Training at Midwest Access Coalition
  • Samantha Lee, Staff Attorney at National Advocates for Pregnant Women
  • M’Evie Mead, Missouri Director of Policy and Organizing at Planned Parenthood Advocates in Missouri and Planned Parenthood Affiliates in Missouri
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