Fatness and Reproductive Health

Anti-fat bias in the medical field is a public health concern, and fat people with capacity for pregnancy should be able to access reproductive health care services without fear of judgement, shame, or discrimination. As with all matters of reproductive health, when it comes to accessing fertility treatments and effective emergency contraception, weight or size shouldn’t be a deterrent from growing or maintaining one’s family and autonomy on their own terms.

Everyone should be able to attain reproductive freedom and maintain bodily autonomy and dignity – no matter their weight. Anti-fat bias in reproductive health is steeped in misinformation and stigma, and can act as a barrier for so many trying to control their lives. Fat people deserve affirming, non-judgmental, and individualized reproductive healthcare.


  • May Friedman, researcher on unstable identities and co-editor of “Thickening Fat: Fat Bodies, Intersectionality, and Social Justice”
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