Spreading a Pandemic: Big ‘Pro-Life’ in Action

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has impacted all of us in different ways: some of us have been forced to cancel events like weddings in order to protect our loved ones, while others of us have experienced the pain of losing someone to the virus despite our best efforts to stay safe. Throughout the past year, many of us have continued to take all possible precautions to ensure our communities stay healthy.

Unfortunately, anti-abortion activists haven’t felt compelled to take these same life-saving precautions.

The webinar will focus on the ways anti-abortion activists have violated coronavirus safety measures in the name of ‘life,’ including hosting unmasked gatherings and continuing to engage in harassment outside of clinics.

Panelists Include:

Dr. Gabriela Aguilar, Physicians for Reproductive Health
Calla Hales, A Preferred Women’s Health Center
Antoinette Kelsey, Feminist Women’s Health Center

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