Still Pregnant After Self-Managed Abortion: How to Know the Signs and What To Do

Did my self-managed abortion work? How do I know I’m not pregnant anymore? What are my options if I think I still am?

 Self-managed abortion with pills is safe and effective, and some people genuinely prefer to end their pregnancies at home. Still, when a person takes abortion pills on their own a doctor isn’t there to say ‘it’s all over now’ and confirm the pregnancy has ended.

In this Reproaction Act and Learn webinar, we’ll discuss how to identify if a self-managed abortion attempt hasn’t actually ended a pregnancy and options for next steps.

While no one should be prosecuted for abortion, miscarriage, or pregnancy outcomes, we will also discuss risks of prosecution, with sharp acknowledgement that who prosecutors unjustly decide to pursue as criminals is not race- or class-neutral.

Panelists include:

  • Daniel Grossman, MD, Director, Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health
  • Jennifer Wang, Deputy Director of Programs, National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum
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