Tattoos and Bodily Autonomy

There’s all sorts of reasons people choose to decorate their bodies, permanently or temporarily. Whether it’s a cultural custom, rite of passage, or a means to reclaim one’s body or perception of their body after experiencing harm (or growth), tattoos help many achieve greater autonomy and can make living in our bodies more enjoyable every day.

We’re speaking with tattoo-havers, artists, and people unable to get permanent tattoos about their experiences with bodily autonomy and the ideas of wearing art, permanence, and personal expression.


  • Vanessa Ju, Founder and Tattoo Artist at Meadow Sky Studio in New York, NY
  • Olivia Eggers, Development Information and Strategy Coordinator at the Environmental Defense Fund and disability activist
  • Angela Lee, Resident Tattoo Artist at Cry Baby Studios in Washington, DC
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