University Students Learn About Self-Managed Abortion

| Reproaction

By: Laila Salaam

On Wednesday, April 5, Reproaction joined forces with the George Washington University’s reproductive justice organization, GW RAGE (Reproductive Autonomy and Gender Equity) to host an educational event about self-managed abortion with pills. The Reproaction team had the pleasure of hosting a self-managed abortion with pills ‘house party’ for 21 of RAGE’s student organizers, a coalition of students committed to promoting reproductive justice across GW’s campus. The student organizer cohort was undergoing a six-week training course from reproductive rights and justice organizations throughout the D.C. area including: Emily’s List, DC Doulas for Choice, and Reproaction.

The students were eager to learn about self-managed abortion with misoprostol and were interested in sharing this information with their peers to make abortion access more accessible at all stages of pregnancy. This presentation was based on the World Health Organization’s safe and effective protocol for self-managed abortion with misoprostol as well as resources and self-care tips for people looking to self-manage their abortions. [1]

Presented by: Reproaction. Another image shows five people standing in front of the same projected image.

During this presentation, students discussed more about current initiatives happening at GW to expand access to reproductive health care services. Following the Dobbs decision in June of last year, GW installed a Plan B vending machine – despite student calls for greater abortion care and contraception access. Unfortunately, this vending machine is not affordable or accessible to students due to its price and location in a building that is not open 24/7. Student organizers in GW RAGE were determined to push the administration on subsidizing a more affordable option. After months of organizing and petitioning, the students were able to begin conversations with the administration about expanding the vending machine program and making it more accessible, which are currently underway. [2] They hope to pursue a similar initiative in order to expand access to abortion pills on their campus, which made our training about the safe and effective protocols to medication to self-manage an abortion even more timely.

We must be vigilant about sharing information about self-managed abortion with pills, and how to be your own abortion provider safely and effectively. This information belongs to everyone. We are excited about working with partners on campuses and all over to make information about self-managed abortion with pills more accessible for all and continue to expand access to abortion pills.

You can help us share information about self-managed abortion by participating in upcoming events, joining our email list, and following us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. As always, your donations help us expand access to abortion, so give what you can if you can!


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