Understanding and Advocating for Self-Managed Abortion

Self-managed abortion occurs when a person chooses to perform their own abortion outside a medical setting.

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Astrology and Reproductive Justice

Our amazing speakers discuss how they use astrology in their professions and personal lives to guide their work.

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Reproaction is a left-flank culture change organization with deep chops in strategic communications, fearless opposition research, and community organizing, including but not limited to non-violent direct action.



Faith-Driven Activism

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Taking a Stand

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Apr. 14

Doulas who look like the people they serve play a vital role in addressing maternal health issues. #BMHW21

Apr. 14

On average, Black women are 2-3 times more likely to die from pregnancy-related complications than white women, regardless of wealth or education. Here’s how midwives can help: #BMHW21

Apr. 13

VICTORY: After filing an emergency request, “Jane Roe” – an incarcerated pregnant woman in Nebraska –will now be able to access an abortion after initially having her request denied by the state. Denying incarcerated people vital medical care – including abortions – is inhumane. Unfortunately, Jane Roe’s case is not isolated: as we talked about in our 2019 webinar, reproductive oppression is common in prisons. https://reproaction.org/resource/incarceration-and-reproductive-oppression/

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