Get Fake Clinics Out of Your City!

Reproaction and SisterSong took bold direct action against Human Coalition, Brian Fisher, and the Cura Women's Care Clinic -- a fake clinic they run in Atlanta. And we're just getting started.

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Oct. 20

"You are a girl when someone wants to control your actions, but a woman when you defy that control … and women must be punished and bear the consequences of their actions," writes our campaign lead Shireen Shakouri.

Oct. 19

"Five Black women in Missouri joined forces to create a sister march in solidarity with the national March for Black Women." Check out this recap of September's March for Black Women & Marketplace in St. Louis by Missouri organizer Evonnia Woods!

Oct. 19

St. Louis area folk, Missouri State Representative Cora Faith Walker along with MOLLI's List, NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri, NWPC-STL, and Reproaction are pleased to present a free screening of the documentary film "Jackson" as part of the 26th Annual Whitaker St. Louis International Film Festival (SLIFF). Please join a post-film discussion featuring representatives from some of the co-presenting organizations as well as national leaders in reproductive justice and women's health. Sign up for your free ticket!

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