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‘Pro-Life’ Leaders on Criminalization of Abortion

As state legislators work harder and harder to criminalize all abortion, the reality of women going to jail for pregnancy outcomes becomes real.

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Reproaction is a new direct action group forming to increase access to abortion and advance reproductive justice. We are proud of our left-flank analysis, and are not in this fight to protect the past or maintain the status quo.



Reproaction’s Best of 2019

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Taking a Stand

“Should the government have the power to override a woman’s constitutional rights during pregnancy? That question i…

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Dec. 11

Everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue the future they want. That’s why the health centers that are part of The Right Time provide access to the full range of birth control methods (and it’s why all methods are free or low-cost to those who need them). Like The Right Time on Facebook and visit their website to find the health center nearest you.

Dec. 10

As the only Black Certified Professional Midwife in Missouri and Co-Founder & Executive Director of Jamaa Birth Village, Tru is a perfect example of someone living in their purpose. We appreciate her work to address maternal and infant mortality by centering Black mamas! #TrustBlackWomen

Dec. 10

It’s time to rise up and demand an end to this illegitimate and corrupt presidency. It’s time for impeachment. Are you in? Add your name. #ImpeachTrump #ImpeachmentHearings

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