Big ‘Pro-Life’ is Making a Deadly Pandemic Worse

In the midst of a deadly pandemic, Big ‘Pro-Life’ is spreading fear, misinformation, and dangerous lies to push their own selfish agenda.

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Self-Managed Abortion

People are capable of determining what is best for their body, future, and health care.

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Reproaction is a new direct action group forming to increase access to abortion and advance reproductive justice. We are proud of our left-flank analysis, and are not in this fight to protect the past or maintain the status quo.



Housing Is A Reproductive Justice Issue

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Taking a Stand

Whether it’s obtained at a health center, the local pharmacy, or delivered by mail, people need access to medicatio…

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Sep. 19

“So-called abortion pill reversal counseling and techniques, as well as other ‘pro-life’ misinformation, threatens the safety and decision-making abilities of all people who can become pregnant”

Sep. 18

#BigProLife is making a deadly pandemic worse.

Sep. 18

Uncharted Bodies: Why We’re Exploring The Gender Health Gap “Less than 2.5% of publicly funded research has been dedicated exclusively to reproductive health. This statistic exists despite the fact that one in three – yes, one in three – women will experience severe reproductive health issues in their lifetime.”

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