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Jul. 25

Perhaps you've heard some misguided people suggest that you can oppose abortion and be progressive. Nope. You can't. Sign our pledge now: #BigTentSellOut

Jul. 24

"With gestational week bans, imposition of cremation and burial for fetal remains, [4, 5] and stipulations of font size used in doctors’ professional records, [6] anti-abortion crusaders will stop at nothing in their efforts to strip rights from women. Sometimes, those efforts come in the form of nit-picky and expensive clinic shutdown restrictions, and sometimes a feature-length film starring Dean Cain that inspires a judge to file a lawsuit – and even in the strange world of right-wing media, you don’t see that everyday."

Jul. 21

New blog post by Reproaction campaign lead Shireen Shakouri: Kermit Gosnell is not recognized by anyone as a quality care provider, but false narratives of abortion providers and the clinics they operate have run rampant in part thanks to McElhinney and McAleer and others sharing blatant lies.

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