Join the Protest to Get Fake Clinics Out of Atlanta!

Reproaction and SisterSong are proud to take action to call out Human Coalition, Brian Fisher, and the Cura Atlanta Women’s Care Clinic.

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Aug. 21

We took direct action on CURA Women’s Care Clinic to send a message to Human Coalition and other crisis pregnancy centers that they will no longer get a pass for misleading women who are trying to find abortion services. But the fight doesn’t end there! We’ve only just begun, so sign up for updates -->

Aug. 21

Here are some other resources that will affirm your personal autonomy and trust your decision-making:

Aug. 18

Human Coalition president Brian Fisher issued a video on Wednesday fundraising off a Reproaction action last Saturday outside one of his anti-abortion fake clinics. He issued the video the same day as Heather Heyer's funeral, who was murdered by a terrorist after a Nazi demonstration in Charlottesville. In Brian's video he compared abortion to the Holocaust. That's always unacceptable, including as our nation confronts violent Nazism, and here Reproaction calls on him to donate funds he's raising off our action to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

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