Abortion Is a Progressive Value

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We are in the midst of an unprecedented attack on abortion access—with hundreds of anti-abortion bills introduced by ‘pro-life’ state legislators who pretend to care about health, women, families, and communities of color.

But let’s be clear: abortion bans and ‘pro-life’ policies are pro-racism, pro-misogyny, and pro-transphobia. There is no such thing as  ‘pro-life’ progressive values.

Being anti-abortion is more than a political choice.

  • It’s a choice that attacks all people with capacity for pregnancy.
  • It’s a choice that criminalizes low-income families, people of color, and undocumented people.
  • It’s a choice that pushes health care out of reach in the midst of a health pandemic.
  • It’s a choice that prioritizes morally bankrupt and extremist values.

Support for abortion has reached a 20-year high amongst the communities we represent and care about. There is too much at stake to allow anti-abortion extremists to co-opt the progressive brand for their dangerous and harmful agenda.

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