Big ‘Pro-Life’ is Making a Deadly Pandemic Worse

Every time we think Big ‘Pro-Life’ hits a new low, they go lower.

In the midst of a deadly pandemic, Big ‘Pro-Life’ is spreading fear, misinformation, and dangerous lies to push their own selfish agenda.

On social media, pro-life leaders have told people to throw their masks away. They are taking group trips across state lines. These actions hurt public health and put communities in jeopardy. Many anti-abortion advocates continue to show up at abortion clinics which harasses patients seeking medical care and puts everyone’s health at risk.

We successfully held Big Pro-Life accountable when the anti-abortion organization 40 Days for Life suspended their calls for mass gatherings in March. We can do it again.

Watch and share our video that puts a spotlight on Big ‘Pro-Life’s’ lies and sign our petition demanding accountability.

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