End the Politics Around Medication Abortion.

Abortion pills have been consistently proven safe and effective. It's time to end the politics around medication abortion, and make these drugs easier to obtain. Stop banning medication abortion; women deserve better.

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Abortion with pills – or medication abortion – is safe, effective, and used by women around the world to end their pregnancies on their own terms.

So why does the United States make women jump through hoops to get a medication abortion? And why are Arkansas women on the brink of losing access to medication abortion pills completely?

You read that right. Recently the Supreme Court declined to hear a case about an Arkansas law designed to end access to medication abortion in “The Natural State.” That refusal means that any day women in Arkansas could lose access to medication abortion completely.

Anti-choice politicians say their laws protect women, but we know that is bogus. A bipartisan commission of medical experts recently found it is safer than many over the counter medications already easily available in your local pharmacy or online.[1]

Playing politics with medication abortion is just another way of denying women access to abortion.

We have to fight back.

When someone decides to end a pregnancy, they should be able to do so safely and with dignity whether they chose to see a provider or self-manage their own abortion. It’s time to expand access to abortion with pills.

[1] National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine http://nationalacademies.org/hmd/reports/2018/the-safety-and-quality-of-abortion-care-in-the-united-states.aspx

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