Tell Facebook to Stop Favoring Conservatives

Facebook is caving to anti-abortion B.S. – and we’re sick of it.

For years, anti-abortion conservatives have claimed that Facebook is ‘censoring’ their views.

The reality, however, is that Facebook is so afraid of these ‘censorship’ claims that they have repeatedly caved to conservative demands. [1]

Instead of monitoring and removing misinformation, Facebook has allowed conservative misinformation campaigns to thrive out of fear of being called ‘biased.’

In this time of concern regarding the spread of the coronavirus, misinformation is not something to be taken lightly – and Facebook has already showed us they aren’t prepared. [2]

Sign our petition now to tell Facebook we won’t stand for a company that continues to cave to anti-abortion activists. We know that creating a separate, more lenient set of content rules for those who object to science and public health sets a dangerous precedent as the world confronts a deadly pandemic. No one should be able to spread dangerous lies – whether about abortion, or anything related to health and safety – unchecked! [3]

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