Advisory Council

Aimee Arrambide (Austin, TX)

Aimee Arrambide’s professional commitment to reproductive rights and justice began with an internship at NARAL Pro-Choice while an undergraduate at the University of Texas. She then worked as a health educator at Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas before returning to school and earning a JD at New York Law School. Upon graduation, she returned to NARAL Pro-Choice Texas to serve as the Director of Public Affairs. Later, she held positions as a Legal Fellow at RH Reality Check (now Rewire) and the Director of Policy & Advocacy at the Texas Women’s Healthcare Coalition. Currently, Aimee is Program Manager and Reproductive Rights Policy Specialist at the Public Leadership Institute. In this role, she co-edited A Playbook for Abortion Rights, a resource for winning pro-choice policies at the state and local levels. She also serves as the board chair of Fund Texas Choice and is a storyteller for the National Network of Abortion Funds’ We Testify initiative. When she isn’t lifting up leaders of color within the movement or advocating for abortion out loud policies & actions, Aimee is wrangling her children with her husband in Austin, Texas.

Steph Herold (Brooklyn, NY)

Steph Herold is a social scientist that researches abortion stigma, abortion in media, and creative ways to expand access to abortion. In 2013, she co-founded the Sea Change Program, an initiative to shift the culture that facilitates attacks on reproductive rights and healthcare. She joined the Reproaction Advisory Council because of the organization’s bold commitment to hold both anti-abortion and pro-choice movements accountable with direct action. Steph is committed to finding ways for reproductive justice advocates and leaders to take better care of themselves. She believes that sustainability is necessary for people in the movement to thrive. Steph lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and their pitbull, Lucky. She loves baking chocolate desserts, taking relaxing walks in Prospect Park with Lucky, and reading as much young adult literature as possible.

Laura Craig Mason (Suburbs of Maryland)

After spending time in the tech and government realms, Laura Craig Mason has found her home in the non-profit sphere, where she helps people keep their organizational and personal information secure. She was motivated to join the Reproaction Advisory Council after witnessing how vibrant and energetic the organizers are. Laura has vowed to help the reproductive justice movement grow by advocating for all bodies and being intentional about taking space. Apart from her reproductive rights and justice activism, she enjoys short runs, ballet, cooking, knitting, and generally trying to live creatively in the Maryland suburbs she calls home.

Maribel Morales (Southern California)

Maribel Morales is a queer Latina, reproductive justice advocate, and fierce ally to undocumented people. She grew up in a Mexican immigrant family in Southern California with taco trucks on every corner. When asked why she joined the Reproaction Advisory Council, Maribel was not hesitant to share her belief in using her voice to advocate for her community, who often fears speaking up and catching the attention of white supremacist institutions that seek to harm them. She hopes to grow the reproductive justice movement by following the generations of bad-ass Latinas who have used legal avenues to fight injustice. Maribel knows Latina immigrants and their families often face barriers to accessing health care because of their immigration status; she hopes to pursue a career in public policy or immigration law in the future. She enjoys beer, self-reflecting through her tarot deck, and hanging out with the most fashionable Chihuahua in all of SoCal.

Oriaku Njoku (Atlanta, GA)

Oriaku Njoku is the co-founder and Executive Director of Access Reproductive Care-Southeast. The idea to start an organization that would help Southerners break through barriers to abortion came after working as a phone advocate at an abortion clinic in Atlanta. Through her work in facilitating abortion access, Oriaku vows to help the reproductive justice movement grow by creating safer, braver spaces for Southerners to speak out against reproductive injustice. She joined the Reproaction Advisory Council for the opportunity to learn about cutting edge strategies in the movement. In her free time, Oriaku enjoys planning stay/workcations with her partner, hanging out with their puppies (Marley, Charlie, and Ruthie June aka RJ), getting cupcake wasted, dreaming about new tattoos, and listening to music. Raised in Bowling Green, Kentucky, she currently calls Atlanta home.

Cicely Paine (Saint Louis, MO)

Cicely Paine is working toward a day that all Black people can experience a boundless and fulfilling sexuality. She began her career as a sexuality educator with Planned Parenthood in 2011 and credits that position with helping her find her passion. She still uses the skills and lessons learned there in her new work as an adult store manager. In this role, she helps people find the tools they need to maintain sexual health and pleasure. Cicely was motivated to join Reproaction’s Advisory Council when she saw a new organization trying to change policy and legislation through direct action. Outside of her reproductive rights and justice work, she enjoys baking, traveling to warm places, and cuddling all the dogs. Cicely was born, raised, and currently resides in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Cherisse Scott (Memphis, TN)

Cherisse Scott hopes to reclaim the reproductive justice movement’s original intent of centering the leadership, expertise, and human rights of women of color. For more than 10 years, she has worked as a reproductive justice educator, activist, and advocate. Weaving these experiences together, she founded SisterReach in 2011, Tennessee’s only reproductive justice organization. Under her leadership, the organization has produced an informative report on the need for comprehensive sex education for Southern youth of color; organized a clergy cohort that trains faith leaders on social justice issues; and presented to the United Nations in opposition to Tennessee’s fetal assault law. She joined Reproaction’s Advisory Council because of her strong belief in the leadership of Pamela Merritt. Outside of her SisterReach work, Cherisse is an artist and songwriter and has independently produced two albums.

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