Maternal and Infant Mortality Campaign


Reproaction’s maternal and infant mortality campaign aims to raise awareness of the unnecessarily high maternal and infant mortality rates nationwide, and particularly in Missouri. Our focus is on racial health disparities between white and Black women, and white and Black infants. Missouri is on par with the nation’s average where Black women are three to four times more likely to die from pregnancy-related complications than white women, and Black infants are twice as likely to die in their first year of life than white babies. Despite being the wealthiest nation and outspending every country in the world on healthcare, the United States has the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the developed world. Nearly all the deaths that constitute maternal and infant mortality rates are preventable. [1]

Reproaction works to connect maternal and infant mortality rates with the broader issues that contribute to the crisis. For example, racial health disparities are not limited to maternal and infant mortality, but are also connected to rates of domestic violence, heart disease, and the transmission of and treatment for HIV and AIDS.












Reproaction also works to hold political and community leaders accountable for failing to prioritize improving pregnancy outcomes. Missouri continues to include massive cuts to healthcare funding the state’s annual budget. Meanwhile, anti-abortion fake clinics continue to receive millions of dollars through state tax credits and federal tax dollars via rerouted TANF funds, which are federal block grants intended to alleviate hunger. [2]. Fake clinics do absolutely nothing to address pregnancy-related complications that result in maternal and infant mortality.

After two years of leading this work in Missouri, Reproaction remains committed to raising awareness by educating and engaging local communities, so stay tuned for more film screenings, panel events, and opportunities to take direct-action. We will also continue to amplify the work of partner organizations committed to improving pregnancy outcomes in Missouri.

You don’t have to live in Missouri to take action on this important issue.

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  • Sign our petition below to demand that political and community leaders support programs and organizations committed to improving pregnancy outcomes.

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