Maternal and Infant Mortality Campaign


Reproaction’s maternal and infant mortality campaign aims to promote a deeper understanding of unnecessarily high mortality rates in Arkansas and Missouri. We center this portion of our work on racial disparities found between white and Black women. One of our priorities is to connect maternal and infant mortality rates with other issues more broadly. We also call out the lack of leadership and action from political leaders and organizations that claim to be pro-life by engaging in direct action to heighten visibility and a sense of urgency around pregnancy-related issues.

We host screenings of Fusion TV’s documentary, Death by Delivery, which is a film that highlights the racial disparity in maternal mortality. The best way to find out about upcoming screenings in Missouri and Arkansas is to join our email list.

We’re also doing some very exciting work focused on closing the rural healthcare gap, so join our email list and stay tuned for upcoming opportunities to get involved with this aspect of our campaign.

You don’t have to live in Missouri or Arkansas to take action. We currently have two ways for people to help us raise awareness from anywhere: the first is our photo campaign and the other is through the #MaternalMondays hashtag.

For more information on how you and/or your organization can participate and take action through this campaign contact us by email at  

You can also follow our work online through the hashtags #DeathByDeliveryMO, #DeathByDeliveryAR, and #MaternalMondays.

This campaign is funded in part by the Ms. Foundation for Women.



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Activist Interview: Diane Burkholder

Diane Burkholder is a cisgender, queer, mixed race, Black feminist community organizer. She’s a non-profit professional with more than 15 years experience in building the capacity of grassroots organizations and social service agencies.


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Discussing Maternal and Infant Mortality in Springfield, MO

On Sunday, April 15, Reproaction held its seventh screening event in Springfield, MO. About 60 people showed up on a snowy and very cold Sunday to watch Fusion TV Network’s documentary, The Naked Truth: Death by Delivery, and hear from some very special panelists about maternal and infant mortality.


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Activist Interview: Brittany “Tru” Kellman

Most of us choose our paths of activism based on the impact we want to have or life sort of decides for us by placing us in social locations where the only path that makes sense is one of resistance. High levels of recognition are typically reserved for men, the wealthy, or those who have been doing this for so long that their fame is an accumulated fame. This blog series is not a remedy to this situation, but rather designed as a way to highlight activists and their justice work through brief interviews.


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Activist Interview: Hakima Tafunzi Payne

Hakima Tafunzi Payne has a Bachelor’s of Nursing and a Master’s in Nursing Education. She is currently a student of Midwifery working toward the Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) credential. She is an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and a Certified Nurse Educator (CNE).

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