Webinar Recap: Examining Black Women’s Health at the Intersection of HIV, IPV, and the Criminal Legal System

| Evonnia Woods | Reproaction

In Missouri, people living with HIV are subject to prosecution under an HIV statute that was created out of fear and bigotry in the 1980s when less was known about the virus.

| Shireen Shakouri | Reproaction

‘Pro-Life’ Thought Experiments Don’t Care About Our Pain

This is not a question of intellectual interest, or a concern for the value of fetal life. It’s a disregard for women and survivors and a patently cruel framing of the trauma that rape, and pregnancies resulting from rape, can have on people.

| Kara Mailman and Shireen Shakouri | Reproaction

Anti-Vaccine and Anti-Abortion Go Hand in Hand

The combination of anti-vaccine and anti-abortion rhetoric makes sense: Both ignore science and spread potentially dangerous misinformation.

| Kylie Cheung | Reproaction

How Anti-Abortion Forces Are Invading Your Privacy

Collection of people’s menstrual cycles by anti-abortion state officials as well as anti-abortion organizations is not only a gross overreach, but is also dangerous.

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