Amy Coney Barrett is No Feminist

| Jessica Ensley | Reproaction

Amy Coney Barrett is no a champion for women, survivors, and those seeking reproductive health care. At every turn, she has shown that she will side with the anti-feminist and anti-abortion groups who are backing her Supreme Court nomination.

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| Caitlin Blunnie | Reproaction

Pride is a Protest: 4 Ways to Honor its Legacy from Home

This Pride month, I encourage you to honor the movement’s history of direct action, and remember that you can still protest from home. While the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has cancelled and postponed Pride events around the world, there are still many ways to take action this month.

| Jessica Ensley | Reproaction

The Deadly ‘Pro-Life’ Stance on Ectopic Pregnancies

Trying to keep up with the logical fallacies in the anti-abortion argument is exhausting, but what is clear is that they won’t rest until every doctor and patient seeking abortion care – even lifesaving care – is harmed in some way.

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