Greensboro Anti-Abortion Fake Clinic is Deceiving Us. We’re Exposing Them

| Reproaction

By: Tenaja Henson

Recently, local activists took to the streets of Greensboro and hung informational flyers around the nearby anti-abortion fake clinic, The Pregnancy Network, exposing their true intentions: preventing people from having abortions. Predatorily located next to University of North Carolina-Greensboro’s student housing, they promote a fundamentalist worldview that appropriates Christianity while deceiving people. No one should be shamed and manipulated out of the health care they seek, no matter the circumstances they are in.

As we all absorb the cruel impact of the Supreme Court’s decision on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health, which overturned Roe v. Wade and devastated abortion access throughout the country, and especially in the South, Greensboro is getting real about these anti-abortion fake clinics in our midst. They do not support us, but instead exacerbate a dangerous public health crisis. The Pregnancy Network believes pregnant people don’t know what is best for themselves. They’re wrong, and we’re letting our community know. Link up with Reproaction and Pro-Choice North Carolina to get involved.

the front and back of a flyer titled “exposing anti-abortion fake clinics in north Carolina: Greensboro” and “here in Greensboro: The Pregnancy Network.” 1: Also known as Crisis Pregnancy Centers, they're shady organizations that only exist to trick pregnant people seeking abortion care to go inside, using deception and manipulation tactics to coerce people into carrying a pregnancy to term. Giving incorrect information about a person's pregnancy, including misinformation about how far along the pregnancy is. Lying to people about what is involved in an abortion procedure, and its side effects. Shaming people for their sexual history, drug use, or decision to have abortions. Telling people not to worry about unplanned pregnancies because miscarriage is common, suggesting an unplanned pregnancy will likely self-terminate. Harassing people after they leave the clinic by calling them incessantly. Promising help and services to people who carry their pregnancies to term, then failing to follow through, or requiring religious indoctrination classes.. Using geolocation technology and big data targeted advertising to reach people seeking abortion care, and redirect their internet search results to fake clinics. While many fake clinics present themselves as small 'mom and pop' operations, they are highly funded, and over 70% of fake clinics are affiliated with national and international fake clinic networks that provide them with lots of resources. Including the anti-abortion fake clinic HERE in Greensboro, the Pregnancy Network. In North Carolina there are about 100 anti-abortion fake clinics to 14 abortion clinics. Meaning: there is less than a 20% chance someone would get to an actual abortion clinic if they do not take the steps to educate themselves. Meanwhile, the NC General Assembly continues to give them millions in taxpayer dollars.2: Predatorily located next to UNC Greensboro student housing. Their volunteers harass patients outside of the local abortion clinic, sometimes using their mysterious pink van that advertises free services (despite fake clinics' "free ultrasounds" usually not being medically sound nor diagnostic in any way). Promotes the unethical, unproven, and dangerous myth that abortion with pills can be reversed. Their volunteers present religious and personal ideologies about birth control as factual medical advice, spreading dangerous misinformation. Looking to learn more about the shady tactics anti-abortion fake clinics use? Check out NC Pro-Choice, here. Knowledge is power! Check out the Reproaction Fake Clinic Database and know who to stay away from! For financial or practical support, reach out to the Carolina Abortion Fund at or 855-518-4603.


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