Heartbeat International Sent Reproaction a Ridiculous Letter

| Reproaction

By: Erin Matson

Whether explicitly or implicitly, anti-abortion fake clinics oppose abortion, shame abortion care, or promote alternatives to abortion.

Heartbeat International operates more than 1,800 anti-abortion fake clinics in the United States. Heartbeat International also runs a so-called ‘Abortion Pill Reversal’ Network through a telephone hotline promoting this unproven and unethical treatment to medication abortion patients.

Recently, Heartbeat International has been involved in two seemingly contradictory activities regarding online speech:

First, playing the victim, claiming “we’ve been targeted for censorship by Big Tech,” as its president Jor El-Godfrey told Catholic News Agency. [1]

Second, playing the aggressor, sending threatening legal letters to a variety of colleague organizations in the field demanding we curtail our own activities online.

I said we, because that includes Reproaction. Heartbeat International accused us of violating the terms of their website (go ahead, you are allowed to say Huh? with me — we are in the business of facts and thus do not use their website) and continued to make a variety of baseless accusations about our work, and demands to us.

Newsflash: Heartbeat International is not the boss of Reproaction. I am. We will continue to stand strong and spread the truth about anti-abortion fake clinics.

Heartbeat International is not the first anti-abortion fake clinic operator to reach out to us about our work and ask us to change our website in some way.

This is not surprising, because anti-abortion fake clinics thrive on presenting themselves as anything but what they are: a national network of the anti-abortion movement, providing misleading information, shaming and pressuring people about abortion, pregnancy, and sexuality, and attempting to instead promote an image of themselves as loving.

Times for abortion access are bad, no doubt. We have watched with alarm as anti-abortion fake clinics claim they need resources to ‘help’ women who struggle to find abortion care in their communities as a result of the Supreme Court trampling on abortion rights.

So no, we will not stop doing our work. We will continue to speak truth about anti-abortion fake clinics.


1 – https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/250025/despite-censorship-heartbeat-internationals-abortion-pill-reversal-program-is-saving-lives

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