Holding Members of Congress Accountable for Comments about Jail Time for Abortion

| Reproaction

By: Jessica Ensley

Previously, Reproaction passed out flyers on Capitol Hill to hold Congressman Ron Wright (R-TX) accountable for his statement that women should “absolutely” face punishment for abortion. While doing so, Congressman Wright happened to walk by. Not only did he personally insult our staff, he doubled down on his stance that women who self-manage their own abortions should be criminalized.

Afterwards, we released two videos on Congressman Wright and Congressman King as part of our Stop Prosecuting Abortion campaign. Twice over the course of more than a year, we asked Congressman Steve King (R-IA), who has a history of sympathizing with white supremacists, his stance on a 2015 case in Indiana where Purvi Patel was sentenced to 20 years in prison for self-managing her own abortion. The first time he reprimanded our staff for asking him questions. The second time he claimed he could not even recall the case. This is unacceptable for a so-called “pro-life” congressman, whose policy objectives are making the criminalization of abortion a reality.

Reproaction staff pass out flyers outside Capitol Hill

As we ran out of our flyers holding Congressman Wright and Congressman King responsible at Capitol Hill, we had many folks thanking us for being there and standing against the prosecution of abortion.

No one should be criminalized for abortion. Join us in the fight to stop prosecuting abortion by watching our videos on Congressman Wright and Congressman King and signing our petition to hold them accountable.

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