Myth-Busting to Address Racial Health Disparities

| Reproaction

By: Evonnia Woods

On Thursday, April 15, Reproaction and Generate Health STL co-organized a long-needed discussion panel entitled Myth Busting to Address Racial Health Disparities. Panelists included: Dr. Urmeka Jefferson, professor at Rush University; Dr. Kortney James, nurse scientist and pediatric nurse practitioner; and Sharell Collins, community engagement coordinator at Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri.

Racial health disparities cannot be addressed without addressing the myths that inform and guide the behavior of health care professionals and people seeking health care. Panelists discussed these myths, their impacts, and suggested ways to overcome the resulting challenges. Panelists answered questions about the fear of pregnancy and birth expressed by Black people who are aware of the maternal mortality rates of Black birthing parents, the realness of postpartum depression and post-birthing effects and outcomes, how the power dynamic between physicians and patients tie in to reproductive health, hospital versus home birth, and so much more.

This panel discussion could not happen without taking time to dive into the myths around birth control and how they impact maternal health. Along with highlighting the incredible work being done with The Right Time initiative in Missouri, panelists discussed how myths around birth control access and choice are gendered, as well as influenced by race and class, which renders this a topic worth more critical attention.

You can watch the panel discussion here.

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