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Bold. Unapologetic. Long overdue.

Reproaction is a new direct action organization that disrupts the conventional conversation about women’s health and reproductive justice to mobilize concerned partners to fight against unjust compromises and attacks that chip away at the dignity of women and people who can become pregnant.

In other words: Enough is enough. Respecting women and our right to make medical decisions without interference is a moral choice. It is long overdue for pro-choice leaders – political and otherwise – to stop negotiating away access to abortion and family planning services.  Finally, it is time to respect women’s choices about our bodies and our families without interference.

Reproaction is a unique voice in a growing movement of young women, women of color, LGBT people and activists who are angry at the status quo and the continued assault on women’s health care.

Reproaction will hold accountable both the right and the left. We unmask those who claim to be pro-life but who fail to lead on the very issues that make people’s lives better.  And, we call out those who must do more to support true access and equity for all women, all over the world.

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