Reproaction Delivers Petition to Twitter: Stop Aiding Pro-Life Lies

| Reproaction

By: Erin Matson

Recently, I put on my big girl boots and trudged near the White House to Twitter’s D.C. office to hand-deliver more than 2,500 signatures to our petition objecting to Twitter bowing to right-wing pressure, and allowing Rep. Marsha Blackburn to run a campaign ad falsely claiming that Planned Parenthood sold “baby body parts.”

This is especially poignant today, as three years ago this week an admitted mass shooter killed three people and wounded nine others at a health center in Colorado Springs, and shortly after the killings he made a similar claim to law enforcement.

Online hate is a multi-faceted problem that’s bigger than abortion. Yet, abortion opponents play a large role in violence, threats, and false claims made online.

Reproaction has been closely watching false claims abortion opponents have been making about big tech ‘censoring’ them. (Sorry, enforcing policies that are clearly being violated isn’t censorship.) Further, in the case of a recent anti-abortion movie, abortion opponents claimed the mainstream media was purposefully ignoring them when … you guessed it, that wasn’t happening.

We’re going to continue on this beat, and my thanks to everyone who took collective action with us in our petition to Twitter.

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