Reproaction Partners with NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri for Reproductive Freedom Tour

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By: Evonnia Woods

Late last year, Reproaction and NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri teamed up for the Columbia, MO, stop on the Reproductive Freedom Tour. The tour includes stops throughout the state of Missouri. At each stop, a small group of folks sit down to discuss what they want to fight for in our movement to achieve reproductive freedom. Listening to people in their communities is foundational to grassroots organizing, and events like these tour stops are integral to the work we do to advance reproductive justice.

Participants at the Columbia event spoke about the things that mattered to them when deciding if and when to start a family. As expected, everybody’s response was different. Reproductive oppression – the control and exploitation of women, girls, and individuals through their sexuality, bodies, labor, and reproduction – is largely the result of a one-size-fits-all approach. [1] Events like this remind us that reproductive freedom does not look the same for everyone. This event was made even more fascinating by the gender makeup of participants. There were three men who contributed by bringing attention to the fact that reproductive oppression is not reserved for people who can get pregnant, but also impacts those who cannot.

This event was also an excellent way for people to learn about what partner organizations are working on. Of course, Reproaction continues to hold anti-abortion fake clinics accountable at every turn. We are also working to ensure that everyone who wants birth control has access and information about their options through The Right Time Initiative. Reproaction is also continuing to educate and organize folks through our self-managed abortion campaign.

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