Reproaction Protests Anti-Abortion Susan B. Anthony List Gala

| Reproaction

On June 3, Nikki Haley is expected to make remarks that claim abortion rights supporters are “anti-women” in expecting “conformity” in support of abortion rights “in the name of feminism,” which she claims “is not real feminism.” This will happen at the annual fundraising gala of the Susan B. Anthony List, an anti-abortion organization closely aligned with the Trump administration and anti-abortion lawmakers around the country. The event takes place during a time where strict abortion bans are being enacted in states such as Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, and Missouri. Reproaction, a national group leading a Stop Prosecuting Abortion campaign, will lead a protest outside the event.

“The logical consequence of abortion bans has always been sending women and people who can become pregnant to jail,” said Erin Matson, Reproaction co-founder and co-director. “If Nikki Haley thinks she can seize the mantle of feminism for a movement hellbent on controlling and punishing women, she’ll be sorely misled by the applauding white men financing the systematic decimation of the right to abortion in the United States.”

Already in the United States, people can go to jail if they self-manage their own abortion. As part of its in-your-face Stop Prosecuting Abortion campaign, Reproaction recently released a video of a protest of the Susan B. Anthony List gala in 2018, in which Reproaction asked attendees their thoughts on sending women to jail for having abortions. As shown in that video, some callously responded, “should never have gotten pregnant” in response to the real story of Purvi Patel, who was incarcerated for ending her pregnancy in a gross violation of her human rights.

Reproaction’s most recent video in the Stop Prosecuting Campaign shows Rep. Ron Wright (R-TX) “absolutely” supporting jail time for women who have abortions.

“The criminal punishment system has no place in the pursuit of reproductive health care,” said Matson. “Reproaction demands Nikki Haley, Susan B. Anthony List, and anti-abortion politicians immediately denounce the criminalization of abortion. That they haven’t already puts their true anti-woman, anti-human rights agenda on full display.”

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