Incarceration and Reproductive Oppression

Mass incarceration now impacts at least half of U.S. families [1], with women making up the fastest growing population in prisons [2]. Through discriminatory policies, the unfair policing of communities, and more, people who need support and resources are instead being funneled into our prison system. Inside, inmates may experience inhumane living conditions, and pregnant inmates are often subjected to dangerous practices, including being shackled while giving birth.

This webinar will discuss the driving force behind mass incarceration in the United States, access to reproductive healthcare while incarcerated, and look at the challenges people face after finishing their sentences.

Panelists include:

  • Kimberly Haven, Coalition & Policy Director for Reproductive Justice Inside
  • Crystal Hayes, MSW, Social Work Doctoral Candidate at the University of Connecticut
  • Yveka Pierre, Esq., Litigation Counsel, If/When/How
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